Im Tim Raginadil, I love games, I play them all day long.I play them all night long. I don’t eat. I don’t sleep. I dont go to the bathroom. I dont make love. I just play games. All kinds of games. I play on computers. I play on I phones. I play on gaming consules. I am a pretty goog game player, you might say that I am an expert. The very first game i ever played was Monaco GP a very simple car racing game. In it you simply turn you steering whaal to the right or laft to avoidthe other cars, and hit the gas or brakes, and you race the clock and the other cars, thats it. Simple. Games have come a long ways since then, and are a little more complex. The graphics are incredible now, but games have one thing that is a common thread thru them all, games are alot of fun! This website isdedicated to the fun and games of my,life.