Angry Birds Transformers Games Release

Angry Birds Transformers Games Release

Angry Birds Transformers Android, the newest iteration for avian video game, was announced in the middle of this month will soon take flight, combining two mega video game and toy franchises.

angry birds transformers

This Angry Birds Transformers combination is the third mash-up for Angry Birds and the 13th Angry Birds video game within its franchise. The last mash-up Angry Birds had was with Star Wars in 2012. The titles are not exactly brilliant (e.g., Angry Birds Star Wars), but with this weeks opening of Transformers: Age of Extinction, it is great timing.
Rovio, the makers behind the Angry Birds video game and this newest venture, and its Chief Marketing Officer Blanca Juti said, Were really excited to combine the iconic Transformers universe with the quirky world of Angry Birds. This mash-up is going to appeal to those who grew up with the brand in the 80s, as well as fans of the brand today, Entertainment Weekly reported.

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Angry Birds Transformers will also include toys, books, drinks and a product line from HASBRO
Here is what we know so far about Angry Birds Transformers:
The tagline is Birds Disguised As Robots in Disguise, which is a little weird but not off-center for Angry Birds.
Also, rather than have Autobots and Decepticons, there will be Autobirds and Deceptihogs. According to Forbes, featured in the lineup of Autobirds are Optimus (Red), Bumblebee (Chuck) and Heatwave (Terence), just to name a few. The Deceptihogs are consist of Galvatron, Soundwave and Starscream, among others.
By September of this year, Angry Birds gamers should have the ability to swap out their regular characters for the Transformer ones, Forbes reported. This will perhaps be something in a form called TELEPODS technology; the Telepods could allow players to teleport their favorite Angry Birds Transformers characters into the game and gain unique powers, Entertainment Weekly reported.

The Angry Birds Transformers is also expected to extend to the Angry Birds Go! Coming soon!

Zombie Puzzle Panic for Android

Zombie Puzzle Panic for Android

Zombie Puzzle Panic APK is Candy Crush Saga with the accoutrements of the apocalypse replacing sweets.

There are a few additions here and there, and the odd tweak to the match three formula, but all the bits of Kings match-stuff formula are firmly in place.

So there are levels where you need to clear goo from the screen by matching symbols in the right place, and levels that see you trying to clear a set number of objects before you run out of time or moves.

Its all well put together, its all reasonably entertaining, and it inevitably squelches to a halt when you run out of retries.

Throw a match to it

The objects youre swapping are the bit-and-bobs you might need in a zombie outbreak. There are helmets, bottles of water, cans of petrol, and tins of food.

When you consider that buying another 30 seconds of time in a game costs 10 coins, they do look a little miserly.

You can also earn extra goes by watching videos.
Popping a chain of three items scores you points, but it can also kill any zombies in adjacent squares. Its here that Zombie Puzzle Panic is at its most innovative.

There are levels that see you trying to keep scientists alive. You need to kill zombies before they get too close, and shift the terrified humans before they get eaten.

You also get bodyguards, who shoot zombies when theyre within range. But if theyre reloading, they become vulnerable to undead attack.

Power-ups let you snipe squares, drop grenades, or chuck more burly bodyguards in to the mix. You earn these by completing levels with three stars, but when theyre gone you need to pay for more.


Theres an energy system that takes lives away from you when you fail levels, and a currency that lets you extend your goes by a few seconds to try and complete a level.

Most of the time it feels like the game is having more fun than you. Youll often set off a big chain and then sit back as more blocks cascade in and burst.

Zombie Puzzle Panic is a solid but unremarkable twist on an old theme. It uses its zombified setting reasonably well, but once the IAPs start barking at you, its unlikely youll be interested enough to fork out.

Age of Booty: Tactics Cheats and Tips Android

Age of Booty: Tactics Cheats and Tips Android

Age of Booty: Tactics APK invites you to a world where the cannon balls fly, the rum flows, and swashbuckling Pirates on the high(-larious) seas engage in light-hearted battle for the world’s most coveted booty. The highly accessible, turn-based gameplay is easy to pick up but impossible to put down, and a true challenge to master.

age of booty

Choose a captain, build a deck of crazy ships and curses, then battle with thousands of players online. Upgrade your fleet with endless combinations of captains, ships, and curses. Expand your pirate adventure by purchasing additional content in “Ye Olde Store.”

…And just what sort of rapscallions and rogues might you find in Ye Olde Store? How about the scurvy dogs of Rooster Teeth? The stars of the long-running, comedy internet collective will strap on their peg legs and pirate hats to pillage and plunder your Android device.


From fledgling Deckhands to the most seasoned of Buccaneers — Age of Booty: Tactics welcomes all to set sail for a casual battle against your friends or climb the leaderboards of the Pirate League in competitive ranked matches. Play on the same device with Pass N’ Play or online with Game Center or Facebook.

Age of Booty: Tactics is set in an epically beautiful 3D world from developer Certain Affinity—the creators of the original cult classic, Age of Booty. When not creating quirky Pirate strategy games, the independent, Austin-based developer unwinds by co-developing multiplayer for some of the biggest game franchises on the planet—Halo, Call of Duty, and Left 4 Dead to name a few.


So take the wheel and choose your Captain, assemble your battle-ready fleet, pillage and plunder like a true raider, and most importantly, Pirate—collect that booty.

Age of Booty: Tactics is completely free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. 

Black Rainbow Review Android IOS

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Black Rainbow Review Android IOS
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Black Rainbow on remains determined to hold the player’s hand throughout – more so than one should expect, even from a “casual” point-and-click adventure. Though staying faithfully focused on a traditional inventory-style approach, the game lacks any attempt at challenging its players, offering way too much assistance and not enough appeal in either its gameplay or story to warrant spending any time with it.

black rainbow

Summing up the clumsy narrative is a simple yet delicate task, as adding any interpretation runs the risk of making it much deeper and more cerebral than it really is. Players assume the role of Helen Stone, who escapes an attack by a tribe of natives in the jungle where she resides, and finds herself somehow tasked with stopping an otherworldly evil that is attempting to cross over into our world. In order to stop this from happening, she must collect a certain mythical artifact and use it to seal the gateway.


The story, such as it is, is about as unrefined and cookie-cutter as it gets, told in broad brush strokes without any aspects particularly fleshed out. Characters you’ll encounter enter and leave seemingly at random, and are as forgettable as the rest of the adventure. Most pop into the story, deliver two or three lines of inconsequential dialog, and disappear again, never to return. Helen herself doesn’t fare much better; by game’s end, I had absolutely no sense of who she was, or why she was picked to be the savior that the future of the world depended on. Perhaps it was a bit much to look for character development in this title, but even a casual adventure like Black Rainbow should set its sights higher than this.

Honestly though, given the quality of the game’s writing, stagnant characters were to be expected. Generic terms like “Chosen One” and “Evil Lords of the Dark Ether” are freely bandied about; at one point Helen refers to a tribesman about to be ritualistically sacrificed as a “poor guy”. Possible localization issues aside, Black Rainbow is penned wholly without finesse or subtlety.

More palatable, though by no means outstanding, are the hand-drawn graphics. There are a wide variety of often fantastical environments to explore, but with locations ranging from “jungle scene” to “snowy mountain scene” to “cave scene”, the game is often filled with limited color palettes. Little effort was put into making the artwork eye-catching, and the listless wash of colors looks like a thin smear of Vaseline has been applied to the camera lens. The occasional animation enlivens some areas, but the design as a whole fails to elicit any spark of wonder. I would have loved to explore further, for example, when I ran into a regal merman after delving underwater with a water-breathing potion I’d just procured, but was disappointed to find that there was no further way to interact with anything. What should have been a memorable moment of wonderment received instead only a wincing shudder due to the utterly bland environment and what amounted to a grotesque caricature of a mythical creature sitting amidst it all.


In each area, players click to interact with the environment, activate objects, and speak with characters. Collecting items to use from the inventory is the chief gameplay mechanic, and finding the right items for the job is usually not difficult, as they are generally plainly visible in the uncluttered environments. In fact, a number of times I got the feeling the designers simply gave up, putting the items necessary to complete a task right next to where they were needed. Need to repair that wooden bridge? No problem, there are some boards available right next to it. The few times I wasn’t using inventory to proceed, I was solving a Pull-the-Lever or Remember-the-Sequence puzzle instead. As the map expanded later in the game, it became a little more common to backtrack a bit to finally unlock a door or chest using a key I had just acquired. While backtracking is generally not a good thing, in Black Rainbow it was almost welcome, as it broke the monotony of “pick up item, use it ten inches away”.

To further uncomplicate things, the game provides a ridiculous amount of help along the way. From the outset, three difficulties are available to choose from, the differences relating to how quickly the hint/skip gauge refills and whether sparkles are added to interactive areas. Even without the sparkles, though, identifying hotspots in each scene is a cinch – the cursor automatically changes when an object can be picked up or an area zoomed in for a close-up view. Regardless of which setting you choose, an optional in-game map can be consulted at will to immediately see which location you should be traveling to in order to complete the task at hand; it even lets you instantly fast-travel directly to these locations. Several times, when an obstacle requires multiple items to be used on it to activate, the game displays an on-screen shaded silhouette of the required objects, making it easy to simply match the shape with what is in your inventory at the moment and – voila! Even playing on the highest difficulty, I completed the game in just over two hours, though that time could likely have been cut significantly as I did not yet realize I had the option of fast-traveling.

The game’s sound is fitting at first blush: tribal drumbeats, exotic flutes, mysterious or thrilling background music and appropriate jungle ambiance. But all that changes when the voice acting begins. Without exception, the actors cast in the speaking parts – though thankfully few and far between – seem to adhere to arbitrary rules about low-pitched, threatening voices and slow, deliberate cadences. This makes the entire dialog sound like a casting tape for a B-movie production.

Even from the most relaxed of casual standards, Black Rainbow represents no achievement in adventure gaming for Androdi device.