Angry Birds Transformers Games Release

Angry Birds Transformers Android, the newest iteration for avian video game, was announced in the middle of this month will soon take flight, combining two mega video game and toy franchises.
This Angry Birds Transformers combination is the third mash-up for Angry Birds and the 13th Angry Birds video game within its franchise.
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Zombie Puzzle Panic for Android

Zombie Puzzle Panic APK is Candy Crush Saga with the accoutrements of the apocalypse replacing sweets.

There are a few additions here and there, and the odd tweak to the match three formula, but all the bits of Kings match-stuff formula are firmly in place.

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Age of Booty: Tactics Cheats and Tips Android

Age of Booty: Tactics APK invites you to a world where the cannon balls fly, the rum flows, and swashbuckling Pirates on the high(-larious) seas engage in light-hearted battle for the world’s most coveted booty. The highly accessible, turn-based gameplay is easy to pick up but impossible to put down, and a true challenge to master.
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Black Rainbow Review Android IOS

Black Rainbow on remains determined to hold the player’s hand throughout – more so than one should expect, even from a “casual” point-and-click adventure. Though staying faithfully focused on a traditional inventory-style approach, the game lacks any attempt at challenging its players, offering way too much assistance and not enough appeal in either its gameplay or story to warrant spending any time with it. Summing up the clumsy narrative is a simple yet delicate task, as adding any interpretation runs the risk of making it much deeper and more cerebral than it really is.Read More…